Life offers you choices.Be fearless as you choose your own hero to lead the powerful army in the most ferocious battlefield. 5 heroes wait to be choosen and upgraded to lead your Dewaraja to the world domination! Claim your victory!

They said heroes are not born, heroes are created. Get ready to feel the glorious transformation of your hero, as you boost and customize them. Ignite their speeds, fortify their strengths, magnify their healing powers, resurrect their magical enchanments, reinforce their defense tactics.



Follow the ancient path to defeat enemies and unleash new army.train and raise your own legendary army of Garuda Fire, Human Archery, The Giant Buto, The Monkey Toya and the Almighty Resi

Witness as your hero transforms into the almighty superhero. Train them with the most deadly legendary weapons.



Hire Empu to craft your deadly weapons and magnificent heroes items.

Stealing is strictly forbidden. Need money to improve your hero and army skill? Craft and sell your legendary weapons in our market. You are trained to be the legendary Hero not to be the mischievous thief.



How does it feel to have someone that will always be ready at your side? Please welcome the humble Abdi! He is the one that will help you to find some deadly weapons in the market. Don't worry, he speaks English.

Your friends are as important as your own Dewaraja. Help your friends to enhance their armies skills, to build their fortress by pouring them with the fierce Zamrud. Kurusetra teaches you to grow together, be selfless!



Wage wars between Dewarajas. If you craving for feeling the heat of classical war, you can accept the challenge letter. Yet, if you feel that your Dewaraja is far more superior than your rivals, just bribe them with your money. Accept the wager with dignity or wrapped your surrender in cellophane

Conspire your guerrilla defensive and offensive strategy, coordinate your armies to defeat other Dewaraja by total annihilation. Dewaraja war! One war that will reunite all of your friends. All for one and one for all!



Attacking other clans is so ordinary. The real heroes will do extraordinary things. Be the real heroes, fight and compete with other Dewaraja in a monthly intense worldwide tournament. Be the winner and be the mighthiest Dewaraja all around the world

Kurusetra is a fantasy war game. Your fantasy shall not ruin your life, especially your bedtime. Sleep well for our guardians have prepared the death sentence for those who are dare enough to enter and attack your fortress.



You may lose the battle, but you can swore to take vengeance on your enemy. Don't be afraid of starting over your army forces because those who survive in the battlefield are wilking to come back home and reunite with their families. They are ready to take back what is rightfully yours on your command!

Skulley The Best Achiever Placard. This highly prestigious placard will be automatically sculpt on your village IF you are able to achieve the highest rank. Let the other know what a great leader you are.